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Summer Seminar

Well we have been busy and all our students have been training very hard, the recent success at our grading was brilliant and the hard work really paid off with some excellent results. We continue to be very proud of the work all our students put in every session.

We are very lucky to be able to host Eleni Labiri-Suzuki this year and Elenin will be holding a Seminar at our club on the 18th of June. we have already been asked for tickets from other instructors looking to take advantage of this amazing opportunity for themselves and some of thier students. I would encourage anyone who is available to take this oportunity. Our members have had advance access to the ticket and a few have already secured thier places. Please as we have limited spaces available get your place booked in.

The tickets are now for general release and it will be great to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones when they join us at our club.

Thanks and I will see you all on the mats soon.


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