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Martial Arts Trainer in Corby

The Best Educators


Ian Wilson

Since founding Village Martial Arts Ian has taken his wealth of knowledge from Traditional Martial Arts and the Private Security Industry and that has inspired innovation throughout Village Martial Arts Limited.
Ian's goal is to deliver the highest standard of training and to show every student how effective Traditional Wado Ryu karate can be.


Christopher Stronnar

We’re happy to have Chris on our team. As one of our longest active members, Chris has been with us from the very start as one of our very first students.  He is committed to providing all students with the skills and tools necessary to continue their learning journey, and is always ready to help.


Jacquie Smith

Jacquie has been with Village Martial Arts for a significant time now. After many years of experience we’re thrilled to have Jacquie sharing her skills and knowledge in our Club.

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